Welcome to Simply Holistics.  I am a fully qualified Reflexologist and Reiki Master Practitioner offering treatments from my practice near Blaise Castle, Bristol. Every effort is made to tailor the treatment to your individual needs to achieve maximum relaxation, improved health and optimal well-being.  Please contact me if you need any further information.

Reflexology for well-being

Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing experience, using the feet to treat the whole body.  It can help people cope with more specific health issues, releases tension, improves mood and sleep by working holistically to create balance in the body.


Reflexology for Pregnancy and Post Natal

Supporting you through your pregnancy. Allowing you to have some time to yourself in a calm and reassuring space where you can focus on yourself and your growing baby


Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing and soothing treatment to calm the mind, clear away anxiety, stress and other negative emotions. Will complement any other form of treatment, therapy or medicine


Bachs Flower Remedies

A holistic approach to help you balance your emotions.  Flower essences are combined for each person's individual needs.  To help support you in your daily life

Complementary Therapy does not claim to diagnose, prescribe or cure.  Always consult your GP for medical advice and attention.  Receiving Complementary Therapy should not be used in place of conventional medical care.