Managing Emotional Distress with Bach Flower Remedies

"There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness"

Dr Edward Bach

If like me you have been on an emotional roller coaster these last few weeks, from the upmost panic to feeling fearful and sad, swinging from one emotion to another, which is all completely natural and understandable in these difficult times, you may want to try using flower remedies for support.

As a Bach Flower Practitioner I was already aware of how the flower essences can help in getting through any stressful situations.  Here are some you may find useful in these challenging times.

Rock Rose - for feelings of panic

One of the most important elements of Rescue Remedy.  A great remedy for trauma, shock, panic attacks and hysteria.  A remedy to use for anxiety and fear where there is a lack of reasoning power.  Good for anyone whose nerves are on the edge and tend to over react.

When the central nervous system can't cope with the feelings of danger flooding the system, when too much is coming too quickly and panic arises, Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy will help to restore balance.

Mimulus - for known fears

  • Fear of things that might never happen
  • Fear of life
  • Always on guard
  • Never talks about their fears

The remedy Mimulus engages your intelligence to overcome the fears, helping you do deal with them more effectively.  It gives you personal courage.  People who experience the Mimulus negative state imagine everything is more difficult and dangerous than it really is and they usually have a sensitive nature.  It's a remedy for specific fears, such as, being scared of the dark, scared of dogs, being in a new situation.  Taking this remedy gives courage, knowing what to do when faced with your fears.  

Star of Bethlehem - the comforter

This remedy is in the emotional group of despondency and despair.  It is also another important element of Rescue Remedy.  Star of Bethlehem brings alignment, calm and harmony.  It rapidly defuses any form of trauma and restores the self-healing abilities of the body.

"For those in great distress under conditions which for a time refuse to be consoled, this remedy brings comfort."  Dr Edward Bach

Red Chestnut - fear for loved ones

Red Chestnut will help if you have any excessive concern for others, fear for loved ones,imagining the worst.  A good remedy for anxious mothers.  It's great combined with Rock Rose for extreme, acute worry for another person.


How to take the remedies

Just put 2 drops of each chosen remedy into a small glass of water and sip frequently.  No more than 6 remedies at a time, Although Rescue Remedy is a combination of a few remedies it counts as one remedy.

Philosophy of Bach

There are 38 flower remedies, 39 including Rescue Remedy.  Dr Edward Bach devised the flower remedies to be effective against every possible negative state of mind.  He believed that our emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger lead to distress of the mind.  This stress depletes the body's natural vitality and leads to a lack of resilience.  The flower remedies work subtly encouraging a positive state of mind and help to change any stuck thought patterns.


Here are links to several websites giving more information on the flower remedies