Massage and trapezius muscle pain

The trapezius is the kite shaped muscle which is situated at the base of the skull, back of neck, across the upper shoulders and extends down your upper back to your mid back. The trapezius muscle’s main function is to move the shoulder and shoulder blades (the scapula). It is involved in a range of different movements; the muscles lift the shoulders (the shrug), they move the head and neck toward the shoulder, the middle muscles pull the shoulder blades together and the lower muscles draw the shoulder blades downward, they also support the weight of the arms.

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The trapezius muscle often holds a lot of upper body tension, causing restrictions in the neck and shoulders.  The reduced neck mobility often results in tension headaches, migraines and eyestrain. Tension in this muscle has a direct effect on the rest of the body.  As well as affecting posture, the ribs are restricted effecting how deeply you breathe, circulation slows down, headaches occur and digestion is hindered.

Technology – “Tech neck”

We spend a lot of our time at computers and on phones, our necks are continuously straining forward causing posture problems.  The muscles in the neck become tight and stiff resulting in aching shoulders.  “Tech Neck” is becoming more common with the increase of screen time.  It refers to the neck pain that results from constantly looking down at your screen, this then leads to hunched shoulders and muscle pain in the trapezius.


An enormous amount of tension is created in the trapezius muscle as we tend to continually carry our shoulders in a raised position, hunched up around our ears. This is a common symptom of stress. When the body has a stress reaction to pressures and demands adrenaline from the sympathetic nervous system alerts the muscles to tense up in preparation for a battle.  Muscles in the upper back and the shoulders ache along with a burning pain from the neck down to the shoulders.

Causes of trapezius muscle pain

  • Stress causing continuous raised shoulders
  • Forward head posture (too much screen time)
  • Holding a phone between ear and shoulder
  • Carrying a heavy backpack or handbagIndian Head Massage Bristol
  • Too tight bra straps         
  • Injuries e.g. whiplash
  • Poor posture
  • Too high a keyboard
  • Sitting without back support, causing slumping
  • Breast feeding


The benefits of Indian Head Massage

Massage works both on a physical and mental level.  It relaxes and invigorates the mind and body and can help with many stress related conditions. By focusing on those areas most susceptible to stress and tension, it can give relief and alleviate stress to the whole body.  By taking time out from daily stress and having a massage brings about relaxation and restores emotional balance and wellbeing. The massage treatment releases tension and reduces anxiety so that you will feel calmer, more composed and have an increased capability of dealing with life’s stresses.

During the massage contracted muscles are relaxed and stretched helping them to regain flexibility and improve the range of movement.  The build-up of lactic acid and toxins are removed reducing fatigue and stiffness.  Joint movement may be impaired by adhesions, massage can loosen the adhesions giving greater movements in the joints and muscles due to the increased levels of oxygen reaching muscle tissue and enhancing circulation.

Regular Indian Head Massage treatments can take care of the physical effects of stress in the trapezius, a large part of the treatment concentrates on the trapezius and neck area giving welcome relief to aching and strained muscles.

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