Natural support for your immune system with Reflexology


During a reflexology session all parts of the lymphatic system are stimulated by applying pressure on the related reflex areas

The immune system is your body's natural defence mechanism and it is vital to keep it strong and healthy for protecting you against cold, viruses and infection.

 The Lymphatic System/immune system

The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in the body's defence system.  It is a type of circulatory system and is made up of lymph vessels, glands or nodes, adenoids, tonsils, thymus and spleen.  It is also considered to be a system of elimination removing toxins from the body.


One of the functions of the lymphatic system is to maintain fluid balance in the body.  It also gives the body immunity by supporting the production and movement of white blood cells which fight off illness.  It transports fat soluable vitamins A, D, E and K along with absorbing fat from the digestive system.  Lymph vessels (similar to veins) which contain lymph nodes collect any excess tissue fluid and return it to the blood before it returns to the heart.

There is no pumping organ connected with the lymphatic vessels to force lymph to return to the blood.  Compared to blood it moves slowly and steadily through the mechanisms of breathing and muscle movement.  As muscles contract they push the lymph forward.  During illness, or lack of movement, lymph can become stagnant resulting in fluid retention.  Exercise, deep breathing and massage of the body tissues can contribute to the effectiveness of the lymph flow.

You can find out more about the functions of the lymphatic system here

Working on the lymphatic system benefits the whole body encouraging better fluid drainage from body tissues throughout the body and boosting the immune system

How reflexology can help

Reflexology can help by assisting your body's natural ability to fight infection and disease.  During a reflexology session all parts of the lymphatic system are stimulated by applying pressure on the related reflex areas.  The lymph circulation is improved along with the release of toxins from the body's tissues leading to an increased ability to protect the body.

Our mental and emotional health can have a huge impact on the immune system.  Reflexology offers the additional benefit of reducing stress and tension.  Reflexology induces a sense of calm and relaxation for both mind and body.  It's especially beneficial if you are fighting off illness, being able to relax and recharge induces a calm mind which is essential in helping your body to recover.  When life is particularly stressful and challenging you can support your immune system by having regular reflexology sessions.

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