Reflexology for Pregnancy

Reflexology for pregnancy supporting you through your maternity journey. Reflexology during your pregnancy aims to optimise your physical and emotional health, through working on specific reflex points on the feet.  Reflexology for pregnancy focuses on your health and well being, taking extra care to ensure you are comfortable during your reflexology session.

Having some Reflexology during your pregnancy allows you to have some time to yourself and provides a calming and reassuring space where you can focus on yourself and your growing baby. The treatment can help reduce any anxiety and tension leaving you feeling relaxed and rested.

reflexology for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time in a women's life and comes with much happiness and celebration.  During pregnancy a women's body goes through many changes that effect emotional and physical health.  Many women find  having reflexology very worthwhile in helping  support common conditions such as lower back pain, pelvic pain, constipation, heartburn, ankle swelling, sleep problems, anxiety and to help prepare their body for the birth.

Having regular Reflexology sessions during pregnancy helps to bring your body into a balanced state so that all of your body systems work at their optimal best.  Most importantly, anxiety and tension are reduced and feelings of wellbeing increase improving both your physical and mental state, which is valuable for both you and your baby.

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What is the difference between Maternity Reflexology and Traditional Reflexology?

Different techniques are used in reflexology for pregnancy and tailored for the different stages of pregnancy.

  • a more gentle approach is taken to include relaxing techniques
  • focusing on techniques to help with common ailments associated with pregnancy (backache, swollen ankles, heartburn etc)
  • balancing of the endocrine system, giving support to all those hormonal changes occurring

How often should I have Maternity Reflexology?

It really depends on the individual and every session would be tailored to your needs but to give support for general well being, every four weeks would be beneficial.  If you are suffering from severe nausea or high levels of anxiety a session more often, perhaps weekly, would be of benefit.

It is not suitable if you have a history of premature labour, placenta previa, hypertension or are experiencing bleeding.  If you are experiencing any problems during your pregnancy it is important to contact your doctor or midwife.


Reflexology for the post natal time

Your body has undergone some major changes through your pregnancy and childbirth.  As you settle into life with your newborn, Reflexology's re-balancing and healing effects can be especially beneficial during this post natal time. It's important to take good care of yourself and to recharge.  Reflexology has both balancing and relaxing benefits and is an essential treat for mum. Your baby is welcome to come with you, if you wish your newborn can feed and sleep on your tummy while you relax.

  • enhances emotional wellbeing
  • encouraging your body to return to balance following the birth
  • allows you to have some rest time
  • helps with the production of breast milk
  • boosts immunity
  • helps with any digestive complaints
  • aids healing by increasing blood flow to the organs
  • eases any pain or discomfort

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This following link underlines how reflexology can benefit you during pregnancy.

Further studies which show ways how complementary therapies can assist during labour on the NICE (National Institution for Health and Care Excellence) website