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How Reiki treatments can help you

Do you need help with your energy levels?  Are your emotions up one minute and down the next, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and fatigued?  Would you like a clearer mind? Have more focus?  Are you looking for a way to manage your day to day stress?

Reiki is a non-dualistic energy and is non-invasive.  It is therapeutic rather than diagnostic, aiming to support the body's natural self-healing abilities.  Reiki is not associated with any particular religion.  People of all sorts belief systems and cultures can receive Reiki.  You just need to be open minded to experience it.      Book a session

Please read on to see how the spiritual energy of having Reiki treatments can help and support you. 

The Benefits

1.  Works holistically promoting balance on all levels

The Reiki energy nurture's the body's own natural healing abilities to function more effectively.  It has a very high vibrational energy.  It's ability to flow over and into anything allows it to work holistically on the whole person.  As it flows through our energy field and physical body it helps dissolve energy blocks, clearing the energy pathways allowing stagnant life force energy to flow freely again, restoring balance on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

2. Promotes good sleep patterns

Reiki is very soothing and encourages feelings of relaxation, inner peace and calm.  When we are relaxed, feelings of stress are reduced and we sleep better.  During a reiki treatment clients will often fall into a deep relaxed state that is revitalising and restorative to body and mind.

3.  Helps clear the mind, improves mood and enhances emotional cleansing

Reiki connects you to the present moment and is a great emotional cleanser.  Any negative emotions influence our energy flow.  Receiving reiki raises our energetic vibration resulting in clarity of mind.  Reiki has a wonderful effect on mood, emotions are processed more effectively, anxiety and depression are reduced as your energy vibration is raised.

4.  Supports the immune systems

We spend a lot of time being stressful and our symphathetic nervous system will be in full flow (flight or fight system).  Our bodies were not designed to be in this state for too long.  Receiving Reiki helps the body release stress and tension. creating deep relaxation encouraging our bodies to shift into the parasymphathetic nervous system, which keeps normal body functions running when the body is at rest.  Reiki reduces the body's response to stress and pain helping the immune system to function more effectively to maintain our health and resilience.

5.  Complements traditional medical treatments and other therapies

Reiki is a very gentle and non-invasive therapy and easily complements conventional medicine helping to reduce the negative side effects; it can also shorten healing time.  It works exceptionally well with other healing therapies.

Reiki is very versatile in that it can help you on all levels, mind, nody and spirit.   Having regular reiki treatments assists our healing systems to work to their full potential.  The great things about reiki is that it is non-invasive and works in a very soothing, gentle way and is safe to have even if you have medical conditions or during pregnancy.

These are just some of the benefits of Reiki.  Why not see for yourself how Reiki can help and support you

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