Reflexology Taster Sessions

reflexology taster sessions

World Reflexology Week 20th Sept to 26th Sept 2021

To celebrate World Reflexology Week I will be offering Reflexology Taster Sessions including a discount voucher for further treatment. Great for those who are curious to find out more about Reflexology without committing to a full treatment. Relax into a 25-minute reflexology foot massage and experience some relaxation.
For more information please message me or you can book your reflexology taster session here.


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a theory and therapy that uses the feet to treat the whole body.  It's a holistic therapy that works on all levels working to create balance in the body. The aim of the reflexology treatment is to restore our natural ability for self-healing, as a result energy flow is encouraged to flow freely around the body.

The areas of the feet act as a map of the body representing zones and pathways. Physical and mental well-being is maintained when the energy is flowing freely. If the energy flow is stagnant or blocked then we become ill.  Gentle pressure is applied to points on the feet – known as reflexes – which are used to stimulate energy flow and release any blockages.

Reflexology services

Simply Holisitcs specialises  in women's holistic health, providing Reflexology for pregnancy, stress relief & anxiety, menopause, lymph drainage and for specific health conditions.  For more information on the positive effect Reflexology can bring and how it can help you please contact me.

Frequently asked questions

Is Reflexology just like a foot massage?

Reflexology treatments do involve some massage techniques, particularly at the beginning of the session when getting the feet ready for treating. But reflexology is not specifically a massage therapy.  Reflexology involves the stimulation of the reflex points using a foot map as guidance. Learn more here.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Reflexology is suitable for anyone at any age, occasionally there maybe times when it is not suitable to treat and any underlying health problems will be considered.

Is Reflexology safe during pregnancy?

Yes, it it totally safe and very beneficial for mums to be.  It is a gentle way of relieving anxiety and stress during pregnancy. Many reflexologists are trained in maternity reflexology.  Learn more here

Is it ticklish?

As feet can be quite sensitive some people wrongly assume they will be too ticklish for reflexology.  The treatment is not designed to be ticklish.  The feet are held firmly and the Reflexologist applies the right amount of pressure, involving specific techniques.

Is the therapy diagnostic?

Reflexology should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.  It is not medical, it works holistically, therefore a Reflexologist cannot diagnose conditions or health problems.  The aim of the therapy is to restore the body's natural ability for self-healing by encouraging energy flow around the body.

Is it painful?

Reflexology creates deep relaxation and calm and generally the experience should be relaxing,  Sometimes there could be some reflex points which are a little bit more tender than others, due to imbalances in the energy pathways.

What should I wear during the reflexology session?

It's best to wear loose and comfortable clothing, the only clothing to be removed are socks, tights and shoes, all that is exposed are the feet and ankles. 

What happens during the Reflexology session?

Your first appointment will include taking a thorough health consultation.  You will then be asked to relax on the couch with feet exposed.  Firstly, feet are cleansed and massaged gently before the treatment commences.  during the treatment reflexology techniques such as thumb walking will be applied all over different areas of the feet. After the session the feet will be cleansed with hot towels leaving you and your feet feeling perfectly pampered.

How often should I have a treatment?

If you are looking for Reflexology to help with a specific condition then a course of regular sessions is advised.  A lot of people enjoy having Reflexology treatments  for maintaining their health and well-being and for just enjoying the deep relaxation and time out it provides.